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Sync Security Bot

Sync Security bot instantly scans the risks and contract functions of the tokens through telegram bot. It helps you making a quick investment decision.


Sync Dex Aggregator

Sync dex aggregator offers the best rate when you swap any tokens. You will not miss the opportunities to trade by the most cost effective way.


Buyback and Burn Model

Sync X products revenues and partnership commissions will be used to BuyBack and Burn Sync X token. Sync X holders can have this benefit by holding Sync X for long term.


Keep building for decentralized ecosystem

Sync X objective is to unify all of crypto related products to the Sync X project. And make it decentralized. Sync X will keep building new products to expand the ecosystem. Sync X also welcomes any partnership to achieve this goal.

Token SWAP

You can swap Sync X anytime

ソース: USD/EUR @ 金, 19 7月.


Sync X token information

Token Information
Token : Sync X
Ticker : $SYNCX
Network : Ethereum (ETH)
Max Supply : TBA
Decimals : 9
Contract Address : TBA
Tax Reflection : 5% in total
/ 1% Auto LP
/ 4% Marketing, Development, Team, Buyback
Concept : Community Driven / Decentralized (in the future)

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Sync X Products

Sync X provides Top Notch Products for crypto users


Sync X project fundamental Important question

You can buy Sync X token at Uniswap or Sync Dex Aggregator (coming soon).

In the beginning stage, Sync X is driven by a project team. But in the future, Sync X is amining to build a decentralized project and ecosystem.

Sync X started as a project with some legit products. But Sync X keeps building new products to expand ecosystem. To achieve this goal, DAO can be one of the possible direction.

Revenues through Sync X products and partnerships will be used to Buyback and Burn Sync X token regular/illegularly.

Revenue share modeled tokens are often considered as security tokens. This brings uncertain legal risk to holders. Sync X is seeking a way to maximize the benefit and minimize the risk of holders. So at the moment, Sync X considers BuyBack and Burn model is the best model. However, in future, if Sync X finds a better way there is no reason not to select the choice.

As it's mentioned above, Sync X keeps building new products and creating more oppotunities to use/consume Sync X token as the utility token. In addition to that, Sync X will buy back and burn Sync X token to increase the value of Sync X in long term. Sync X will do the best to make Sync X valuable for all stake holders.